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That is what I want, to be like two wild dogs in heat.

To enjoy a day or two with someone…


of the male gender….

Lock eyes like a sniper on the roof

and let the motion take us away….

In the instant lock lips and lower ones guard and let his soul in with mine just a scratch on the surface…


To embrace like angels yet roll around in each others filth like lesser animals…

To peel away the cloth that lines us and to mate like alley cats in the darkness….

                        Sex is a very beautiful yet nasty thing yet it makes us feel 

                                empowered and raw at the same time



As I walk through this concrete jungle. In search of a kindred soul. A twin flame. A long lost friend, a lover if you will. My soul and body aching for another. A soft voice, a well mannered, loving soul. As I’m growing older I’m still looking, yearning, and wishing that someone out there is feeling the same as I do. Someone who wants me as I am.

I feel like I’m addicted to you. Like I can’t run away from your intoxicating voice. Hit replay over and over again. I can’t shake off your touch, over and over again. I feel, like there’s no other man who can replace you. I feel, like there’s no other woman who can replace me. I want you next to me, but there’s no way that it’ll happen. I’m playing your game. I promise to be true. To be what you need, to be what you want. I’ll give you everything I have to offer you. I feel like I’m addict to you. I feel like I’m crashing down from that high. That high. That feeling from you. Your love spell. Your lust raining down on me. I can’t feel my innocence anymore. I can’t feel my old soul anymore. Thanks to you.

Oh the King of Frozen tears.
How cold your heart is.
How frozen is the words, creeping through your frigid teeth.
How your mind, ever changing like the tides you preside over.
Yet like the moon, I’m enchanted by you.
Cold, dark, almost brooding yet your glow attracts me.
Shifting from full to new, your cycle adds insight to your soul.
Yet I feel as if I’m still smitten by you.

Oh the King of Fiery beasts.
How warm and gentle your heart is.
How word of heat ignites my soul that sears my skin.
How your mind consumes all and stay the same like the raging volcano, you reside in.
Yet like the sun, I know you.
Hot, shining, almost diamond like, yet I feel comfortable in your presence.
On the move, staying true to yourself, I find you as a new breathe of life.
Yet I feel like I’m falling for you.
Wherever you may be…

Right here I’m calling your name so listen dear.
Right now I’m calling you out on this game so don’t tear.
Why can’t you see that I tried so hard to love you.
To find you, in your darkness of heart.
To bring you, to bring you up out of the shadows.
So tell me why you run away?
Run away?
Tell me why don’t you love yourself?
Baby why don’t you love you?

Falling in love

More like falling in a deathtrap

You never know if you’ll make it out alive

When you do you might lose a thing or two

Falling in love

More like falling into insanity

It will drive you crazy

Make you feel things you never did before

Make you hear things in a way you could never imagine

Falling in love

Is like a disease you can’t cure all the way

When you fall out of love it still lingers on your tongue

Lingers in your heart, your soul.

Falling in love is maybe its worth it.

Your gaze captures my soul and set it in stone.Your voice lures me into the water knowing I can’t swim towards you.Your touch intoxicates me to the point of no return. Shivers run through when your anger seeps out. Tears rush down as an avalanche tumbles down into a forest when you hold me. Your passion flows through the tips of your hands and wraps me tightly. As if you are imprisoning me under your rule. Your love mixed with lust is my early morning drug to escape your ghost that lives with me in your absence. Yet even now I can’t seem to shake you off of my mind. Every morning, evening, and night I feel you yearn after me. I feel you wanting me.

bound by chains called love
the cold wall called lust
rags that clothes the quivering body called sanity
the pain the runs through the body pleasure the mind
the names called seems all too familiar
pure ecstasy to the one who enjoys pain
that torture of the body and mind only keeps them alive
only possessed by their lover
only possessed by lust

to hear the screaming
the yelling
the fights that continues to only drive a wedge between souls
but only to give power inside the mind
watching the body struggle at its weakest point of life
only to enjoy that sense of dominance
to own someone
to have won their soul in a contest of will
only to obsess over their pain
obsession of love

Draw me the sun and I’ll draw the moon
Give me the sky and I’ll give you the stars
Mold out a bowl out of the earth and I’ll pour water into it.
Fold up the mountains and I’ll paint white on them.
Teach me love and I will show you how to use it.

Lately I haven’t been able to shake him off my mind.

I dream about him constantly and no matter what he’s still there.

No matter what I try I feel him missing me, haunting me everyday.

I want him.

I need him.

I love him.

Yet I fear that he won’t love me,

He won’t want me in the way I do.

Or need me the way I need him.

Yet I feel that he does want me.

Need me.

Maybe even love me without words.

Yet when I say to someone close they tell me that it won’t work.

He is not worth my time.

My life.

My love.

Yet they aren’t worth my time from their jealousy that is ruining our friendship.

But I can’t let another man’s jealous come between me and the one I do love.

I can’t let anyone else try to change my thoughts of him.

I just have to let go of them so I can love the one I want.