Well it happened. I’ll be out of a home, car and dog thanks to false allegations and laws and family drama. Today I received a phone call from a lawyer who works for the State about Elder care and they are investigating me and my grandma from a report she made of me stealing her money. Since I’ve been unemployed and seems like I can’t catch a break with a job has countered against me. Just when I got a job offer. Since the timing is also playing a role I wouldn’t be able to have a job to support the house either. So my only choice is to sell my car and find a new place for Molly and sell the house and give the estate or my grandma all of the money from it. So my move now is to move out and soon. Just after I talked to the gas and water companies about the bills now I must find a way to settle all of this. I’m also going to let my dad know he can be her poa since he told me he will make my life a living hell. Since he has more money and more connections I will let him do it. So my plan is to move away to another state. Most likely out west somewhere. Until then I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks for being the ears and shoulders to talk and cry to.