Well it’s been a roller coaster of hell rather than of love. It’s like boy meets(talks) to girl. Girl thinks boy is cute while the boy is head over heels over mountain over her. Girl tells boy how she feels about him and then boy tells girl how much he wants her and wants her to be happy. Girl feels good and tells boy however she isn’t interested in dating as of now. Boy gets angry and calls girl every name in the book.

Yup that’s my current luck with men.

I stay forward and truthful and yet I get called out of my name again.


Doesn’t anyone know what it is to take one’s time to know someone else?

I mean grant it we live in a fast paced world and though I am old fashioned I like to get to know a person in person not behind a screen. I do genuinely care about people but it’s hard for me to gather feelings for a person who i barely know or barely see. I can’t fall in love or head over heels it doesn’t work like that. It takes time for me to actually get to that. It’s how my mind and heart works.


But in this world no seems to understand that let alone care…