Dreaming of falling leaves
Colored with crimson red
Wondering why
All the trees seem to be dying
Looking up
The sky
Bleeding out
Darkness of tears
Black tar of fears
Swallows all of my happiness
No more light
My eyes cannot see
Until I hear your voice
I tried to reach out
But there is no way out
But there’s no way out
Here take my hand
Your voice seems to fade
But I need you now I can’t
Let go
Let go
What I have now
Hot sticky black tar of fears covers my eyes
Stifles my nose
Mutes my mouth
But I can feel your hand reaching out
Don’t let go
Don’t let go
But it burns my skin
Melts my blood
Those tears destroys my soul
Like acid rain on the porcelain
Your hand melts with everything
Wake up
Wake up
Wake me up
Somebody please help me
You kissed me
My face stings
Burning up I am
Clenching to you
But you too fades into nothing
Just my imagery
Of what my mind wanted so long
You was never real
He was never here