Well it’s been awhile since I last stopped by here. Things have changed and some stayed the same. My depression finally is lighting up thanks to my self medicating. I prescribed myself the following:

  1. Reading a book every night.
  2. Meditating atleast 3 times a week.
  3. Talking a walk every other day.
  4. Cleaning and tidying up to clear my mind.
  5. Eat healthy and treat myself to something sweet every other week.
  6. Visit grandma for 3 hours twice a week and listen to her and give her hugs.
  7. Talk to people and listen to those who talk to me. You never know if someone really needs a shoulder to lean on even if they are a stranger.

Other than that I do feel different for the most part. I got away from the toxic neighbor but however there is a another toxic person. I won’t go into details but she lives not to far from me and almost every time I go to do something she always ask if she can spend time with me. My gut keeps telling me to avoid her due to some things going missing when she was here. Other than that my car is almost done since it was gone all summer. Some of my friendships are still lingering and others have now died off. So there is my update of of my life.