Oh the King of Frozen tears.
How cold your heart is.
How frozen is the words, creeping through your frigid teeth.
How your mind, ever changing like the tides you preside over.
Yet like the moon, I’m enchanted by you.
Cold, dark, almost brooding yet your glow attracts me.
Shifting from full to new, your cycle adds insight to your soul.
Yet I feel as if I’m still smitten by you.

Oh the King of Fiery beasts.
How warm and gentle your heart is.
How word of heat ignites my soul that sears my skin.
How your mind consumes all and stay the same like the raging volcano, you reside in.
Yet like the sun, I know you.
Hot, shining, almost diamond like, yet I feel comfortable in your presence.
On the move, staying true to yourself, I find you as a new breathe of life.
Yet I feel like I’m falling for you.
Wherever you may be…