Before we could talk


I’m no different than anyone.

I’m a girl. I love music. I love nature, painting, and photography. I scream at concerts, and laugh at my own jokes.

I fear so many things. I lose hope sometimes. My mind–my mind gets the better of me sometimes. It tells me lies.

But I’m fighting the lies! I am fighting for my life against the thoughts that say I’m nothing. Put rocks into your pockets. walk into the river. 

I won’t stop fighting it. I won’t stop saying back to them.  No! I won’t. I’m worth something! I know I am!

With time I’ve learned to fight back against my mind, to fight against the part of me that wants to give in. But it’s hard enough to fight the battle inside of myself.

Who am I?

Am I monster? Or a victim?

Did God make a mistake when he formed me?…

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