So this dude who I don’t know that well been texting my disposble number, calling me baby and sexy. Though we had a nice conversation earlier now it’s turning into a not so pleasant experince. So my gut is like “let’s ignore this guy if it goes any further just tell him to back off from what he’s saying, don’t be afraid stand up and don’t take it” I feel in a way alot of guys feel they can say whatever and press a girl to dating them. I’m not interested and I told him more than 3 times. He kept pressing the issue of me not liking him because of his race. :/ I don’t date a complete stranger let alone one who keeps pressing they are the best thing that could ever happen to me. This guy smells of trouble the only problem is he knows where I live :/. He’s been going past my house he saw me here  couple of times and he knows that I live here. So if all else fails I will press charges if he keeps going on but I hope he’ll go away.