yeah the friendship of 3 years is now dead. Kaput…No longer in service…Why because the 3rd party just told him how they felt and he didn’t like it. Nor did he like what I had to say. No matter what I say it never really meant to him. Sad thing is maybe one day he’ll wake up and see I wasn’t lying about him being so miserable then again he may never see it. 😦 I feel sorry for him really he sounds like me when I was in high school. Angst, angry with the world, felt like it owed me because of what my grandma and my dad treated me. But you know what I had to change. I changed because I met him and though my gut wasn’t so sure about him I decided to change myself to see how it would go. Despite he might see where I was coming from he said we will never be friends and that okay. I lost many people in my life and I’m afraid of losing another. I just wish it didn’t happened like it did but it bound anyways.