Well after thinking about some things I may or may not find a nice guy why well here is somethings that I realized or was told to me. Either they said something creepy to this is why you’ll stay single.

One thing that I found out about myself after talking and meeting many guys is my age and how I see things. I’m  young 21 and in a way still innocent. Which can be good and bad at the same time. With innocence comes with at times naivete, too quick to trust which can lead you down a not so good path if taken.

Second thing was told to me that I’m too nice and I care too much. Which again can be a good thing but I notice some guys told me they would feel awful if they screwed up or did something they would regret. It’s a common thing said to me and it makes me go huh? Apparently being nice and caring is a bad thing.

Third, rejecting creepy guys. Yeah I had a hand full of creepy guys that either my gut would feel sick or they would say something that would turn me away for good. I’ll just leave this there.

Fourth, the way I look. I was told to wear better forming clothes and get my hair cut. Yet I do get compliments from guys who like my style, wild natural hair paired with baggy or close fitting jeans or chains on my pants or wrist. My style is unique and goes against what is fashionable nowadays. If someone would want me for me they should accept me for who I am but apparently from some people eyes I won’t get anyone to take a second glance only to stare at how unattractive I am.

Fifth sort of is my weight. I’m chubby thick whatever you call it I’m nowhere near a size 2 let alone 10. Apparently men want a girl with a size 10 waist but large assets and hips and chest. Unfortunately for me my waist is 14 with hips thighs and an alibi. But then again some guys told me I look pretty appetizing? yeah…

Sixth is my career,hobbies, and goals. Sure who wouldn’t want a girl with a dream, a dream of either having her own car shop, repair business, publishing a comic or two or even have a bucket list of things to do. Some guys are turned off of my ambitions on going into a predominately male field and thinks I should rethink my goals and even some older women are telling me the same. I should go into a woman friendly field like nursing, banking, anything that is predominately female I should go into. But I’m not into that so apparently that intimates men.

Seventh, my views on sex and relationships. Yeah most guys I ran into or talked to wanted mostly sex and well with me yeah sex is good when its with someone you have a very close connection with and know of them for a good while like a year or so. Sex to me is not something to give away it is something that means a lot. It is mostly a bonding acting and not an action to throw around without love or feelings you know. Too many guys wanted sex with no emotions, no love just they wanted to do the act and that’s it. I guess I may not find someone who feels the same as I do.

So there it is the reasons why I may not find someone then again I may have found him but maybe it will take time.