Well in a way my questions were answered well a few. Though I want to have a full heart to heart in person conversation one thing I learned that my best friend still wants to be with me. He said not to give up and not to give up on him either. He still wants to make it work seeing where things made it break. One reason why is because I’ve been caretaking my grandmother for awhile now 4 years to be exact and since she’s no longer in the house I need time to get myself together. I know what he’s been going through and too need time to get himself together and both of us want to get back and make it work but only when time permits that. The friend who was telling me I care too much is also the friend who was getting jealous and tried to break my friendship with my best friend. He became jealous he told me over the fact he has a job, good looking and lives closer to me. But I told him it’s not an excuse to use for why he wanted to break us apart and almost suceeded with it. Though he has some emotional issues but I can’t be his friend anymore not after he told me he wanted us apart and told me he isn’t worth waiting. He even tried to convince me that he didn’t want me and if he did we would be together right now, even when I tried to tell him that my friend needs time for some issues he said he was probably lying. Which come to find out he was telling the truth So that is why I can’t be friends with a jealous person who would lie to me and tell someone else something entirely different. So in time if it works out it will and there is nothing my soon to be ex friend can do about it.