Lately I’ve been very worn out and depressed again. It’s like a chore to get up and move around even for a little bit. My legs are aching thanks to the post office holding my mail and not having my package there :/. I feel like I’m on this roller coaster of emotions lately. Like finally my heart is releasing emotions but at a time when I need to get my act together. I finally cried over losing grandma in a way. I even cried a bit about having a good friend that no one seems to like either. Its like I’m torn about him really. I’ve been sleeping mostly and staying up until 2 in the morning too. I just feel so tired plus how the neighbor really rubbed me wrong it made me feel even worse. I think I’ll definitely stay far away from her. She’s so negative I don’t need to be that way. Alone and miserable. I have too much good things going and a future as well. I need to keep going regardless what she said or anyone else. I just hope this sleeping spell goes away, and the dry spell too in the friend department.