I always get talked down about crying when I feel sad or hurt. Its like I’m not supposed to let my feelings out. To be told to get over it and stop crying its not going to help at all isn’t right to say to someone you don’t know well. I cry to get it all out so I’m able to move on. But lately my emotions are spilling over to the point I want to let go again. I feel like I’m failure at everything and all  I get told that I want attention when I cry or feel like this. No one can tell me how to feel when they never been in my shoes. I’m tired of hearing people tell me I was like them before when they can sit there and tell me to get over something or stop being so empathic to someone who isn’t here or shouldn’t matter. I’m not like that and its like the older people in my life is trying to turn me into them. miserable and alone. I just wish though I had a good friend to see or talk to. None of my friends seem to want to talk or see me at all since grandma started to change a lot. I feel like no one wants to be bothered with me because it seems like I’m clingy. I try not to be but its like I am and no one tells me that I am. I just feel no one really does care like they do. No one seemed to take the time I did for them to see then when my life was turning upside down. I stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning for friends who were so stressed or upset but no one does for me. The only friend that does lives so far away. But even for him though times too has gone the same way for me. But even him tells me there is nothing wrong with me but I feel like there is. Like everyone sees something about me or my personality that I can’t see and no one wants to help me better myself. Or they tell me they will help me and never do. I just don’t know what is wrong with me.