Don’t you love neighbors who are noisy/nebby and try to run your business and push you down and drag you out and just for the life of them can’t seem to actually listen to you when you needed someone to vent out to. No more venting to my neighbor. No more. She made another issue into a bigger problem and then tell me negative things instead of praising me on taking care of my grandma’s finances and other things. Avoid toxic people if you can. The are like chameleons they seem to care so much about you but in reality they are probably miserable and wanting to make others around them miserable. The could be unhappy or paranoid and they want to make everyone else unhappy or paranoid. The more they bring you down the more you become like them and the more they can relate to you and try to keep you down at their level. Just avoid them. The come in all shapes and sizes. Religious, nonreligious, old, young, tall, short, democrat, republican, et al..just remember no matter how positive you maybe they will try to put out your light. They may try to suck you in so please avoid.