Well I got hit with a major problem. I can’t sell the house for my grandma let alone do anything finacial though it only applies for health and her bank. I’m not getting a job around here at all and nothing is going for me. The mechanic went over my head and ordered parts on my car I had to pay for and still wants to now fix the dents. I can’t afford that :/. I needed the car to travel and now I can’t appeal for the county reassessment on the house. Its waay over the price that she can afford let alone me. My inheritance is now drained thanks to the personal care home and the mechanic putting things on my car without asking let alone paying for her medicine that would cost 65 dollars every 3 months now its 68 dollars every month. I have bills left and right and the most expensive bills won’t accept the POA papers they are just for health and her bank is not for finaces just for endorsing and things if she isn’t present. I can’t legally sell anything unless she is present or something like that but thanks to her mobility issues from a fall she won’t be able to do anything really that requires her to move around. Plus sometimes she’s all there in her mind too. 😦 So this makes my situation even better. A mechanic that had my car for 2 weeks and insists on fixing more things that doesn’t need to be fix and delaying my chance of getting my liscence asap. A personal care home that wouldn’t let me see the papers she signed and didn’t explained that her medicine would be every month when asked and disputed that I should pay all of december when she wasn’t there that month. Now the taxes are about 1400 total and I have no money let alone my 2000 for my car insurance to last for about a year and half is now gone. No one is hiring here or hiring me and no one seems to care either. No one seems to be upfront with me about how much things are and thanks to my soft voice and looking young people aren’t taking me seriously and its really pissing me off. Its like no one cares at all and thanks to my grandma not wanting me to get out on my own when I wanted to now I have to suffer the consequences of taking care of her and two houses and two cars I can’t even keep up with.