Right now I’m tired, flustered, and mad. It’s been almost two weeks my car hasn’t been back here let alone its been 3 months that I don’t have my license since people refuse to help me knowing I don’t have enough money to go to a school. I no longer have the money for insurance both life and car all of it went into my car and most was important but now I feel some wasn’t i.e. wax kit and other aesthetic things for my car. I don’t care if the car isn’t shiny enough or whatever I need a car to get around to get a job, which isn’t coming through for me. Since I was 16 I still haven’t gotten a job. Since I was freaking 16!! I’ve been asking people to help me and all I get is I can’t or you should had done that already. Life isn’t easy at all. I had to take care of my grandma since I was in high school and that almost cost me my diploma. Now I’m struggling to make ends meet and I need new glasses and get my teeth extracted. I don’t even have enough money to go around its like all of  sudden I need this or your grandma owes that. Make matters worse I can’t find her W-2 forms anywhere for this year. I had them together and now I can’t find them. Its like one thing or another and I’m fed up. I can’t live on like this I need to repair both houses and find a way to sell them and houses aren’t selling at all here. It’s just like the job market. Stagnant in some areas and moving up in others and here it isn’t going anywhere but down. Just hope and pray I can get out of this place and get a job somewhere to pay bills and grandma care.