Me Myself and I

I can’t believe he doesnt want to be with me anymore. I mean I try to do everything to make him happy but why now tell me we can be friends. He knows its not easy to keep my emotions out of this completely. I feel like he needs someone but isn’t saying anything. Maybe he”s afraid of losing me completely maybe he scared of hurting me again.

Well like everyone said he’s a loser. A sorry ass loser. I mean really why now why couldn’t he say something the 1st damn time. Like everyone tells me I should leave him alone. I don’t care anymore.Yet my heart keeps telling me the above to keep holding on. Why hold on to someone who can’t make up his mind. Why keep loving someone who can’t even tell if he wants vanilla ice cream or chocolate. Its not that damn hard to tell. But what do I know. I mean he should know what he wants.

Maybe I should just let him be for awhile. I want to be there for him. I really want to love him but he’s making it this harder than it really is. I don’t feel he’s straying or wanting another woman it feels like he wants me and only me. But he’s scared. He’s afraid of the past might haunt him. Why can’t he let me see him. Why can’t I just go over to his place hold him and tell him its okay. I won’t leave ever unless he really wants me to. But I see him more than a friend and I don’t think I can’t retract my emotions for him. I don’t know why he’s so confused.