This will be a two song one maybe three but here is the 1st one

Duncan Sheik Barely Breathing

This song reminds me of my childhood. I could relate with this song for a long time. When I was younger I was very mature sadly and that cost my childhood. This reminds of my mom. How she left and came back in my life. How I loved her but she never did. If she really cared about me she would never did what she did, yet I gave her another chance after my papa died. She would change her mind about seeing me she hasn’t seen me since I was 3. I only talked to her only 2 times in my life and I no longer waiting for her to come back in my life.

Pantera This Love…From the guy who got jealous of me and how at one time I was in love with him and how in a way he treated me. Yeah I shouldn’t fell for him and this song reminds me of him alot. Instead of making me feel loved he hurt me and well we yelled at each other on the phone sent mean texts wished both of us would just die. Yeah it was that bad. Still he’s trying to hold on to me. Getting jealous getting pissy sometimes with me yeah and we’re not together either. Yet at one point I wanted to be with him so badly I fell in love with him and here we are. I’m ready to walk away but I don’t want to lose a friend either. Sick and twisted you ask me… Shedding skin

yeah this kinda makes me feel about shedding my friends who in high school weren’t friends. even though well all three songs aren’t exactly exact to what I went to but the context is. I shed my friends like a snake sheds its skin. yup….thats how I relate to those songs…