Well got off the phone with the jealous one and they are disappointed with me. Oh well I told them, it is my life it is my decision. I made the mistake of telling him everything going on with me and the current target of my affections lol. Yeah my current target. I was wrong by telling him how I felt and what was happening. Like grandma said be careful of who you tell things because just because they are your friend doesn’t mean they really want the best for you. Some people like to break others up by making a situation worse than it really is or they like to make you think something is there when it isn’t. Just like grandma said about this guy he could get any girl in the world I mean he’s quite a handsome guy by the way but chooses to make it work as friends and see where we go from here. As many times I made him upset and made him feel like I don’t care about him and still he wants to make it work with me. Either he’s desperate or he really wants to be with me or be friends. But I get told he’s desperate and just stringing me along for the ride. Well if I get heartbroken it’s my fault then. I put the bullet in my own foot right? But I’m willing to take the blame, the disappointment and the pain with it. So be it. Life is full of pain right? Maybe I am a masochist I’m probably am really. But he seems not to want to let go and refuses to shake me off either. So why not? Why not talk to him and see where we go from here for all I know maybe he is the catch or not. At least I can learn more about me and him and see how to handle things if he isn’t but I’m friends or dating someone else. I just find it interesting how I can manage do disappoint a lot of people. I’m used to it now, I disappoint anyone who doesn’t agree with me, doesn’t approve of whatever. But its life I’m not gonna please everyone I see. End of random part of day lol.