Again its gonna be a two song thing well a three since three is a company lol

Gotta love my techno so YMO steals the spot this time for one because YMO is kinda my go to relax or just clear my head literally. I don’t think about anything when I listen to them and to the next in line.

Tong Poo(Yellow Magic)-YMO

Number 2

 A Day By Atmosphere Supreme by Nujabes

This song reminds me of being in a Giant Buddhist Temple with a giant Buddha statue made from gold in the front with offerings and candles and incense burning and in the middle of the temple is a pool or pond with the ceiling open for rain and sun to shine in and giant gold and silver wind chimes. It so peaceful and serene.

Last song is Light Groove from Ridge racer its always something I enjoy listening to when I used to play it all the time so lol a bit of nostalgia here.