This one is a toughy lol. I’m between two songs and well since there isn’t any rules to this I think I’ll just throw in all three why the hell not? No one isn’t gonna yell at me saying “THATS NOT HOW YOU DO IT!!” and if so I’ll simply say well why not?

Song number one

Howard Hewett “I’m For Real”

Why this song 1st? Well when I listen to this it kinda makes me think of how a man really loves his girl so much he is willing to take the chance with her and learning about her. How he feels how she makes him feel just having her as a lover and as a friend. How he loves her. In a way I want that lol.

Song 2 Nirvana “Drain You”

For some reason I like this song its one of my favorite Nirvana songs and it kinda puts me in a happy mood, idk though.