Thankfully the mechanic knew what it was right away. I notice the tach would go up and down when idle and then shimmy and then growl and then calm down like a dog with fleas lol. I wish that those people didn’t over charge me for paying for grandma’s care but hey her health comes 1st then my problems are last. On a side note I’m still working on my Lulu dress got the base dress in all i need to do is wait and buy the fur, corset, stockings(again), velcro, belts, underskirt, glue and probably fabric paint to pain on her designs. I’m not using lace its too much work lol. I rather draw than to sew lace that wouldn’t look right at all. So yeah that is life, it hits with a fist of why and whats sometimes. Now to make scallops and mushrooms. Hmmm breaded or non or both….