Well I spilled out my heart to him. I ended up telling him how I felt last night and this morning I got something I didn’t want to read. 😦 I don’t want to walk away, I don’t want to leave him as a friend but the way he is acting maybe he needs space. I do care about him but I felt maybe over the past couple of months I feel like I was selfish. I spilled everything I felt and to be told that maybe I should just give up makes me feel even more terrible. I feel maybe I should give him space and I told him I will back off and I won’t call him anymore. I feel like I failed in a way but a lot of friends and acquaintance however feels that maybe he was in the wrong when he didn’t take any time to see me when he made the dates. I feel in a way he could had told me he didn’t want to meet up or spend any time or anything but instead would set me up to think he would actually call me back or see me like he would. I guess that is the principle of the matter still. I just don’t know what to do now. Should just back away and just wait for him to call or should I just give up on him completely?