Yeah when that is said to me I want to run away and hide and change my name and my country to get far far away from that person that said that. Despite I like to have someone who is stable and a little dependable when they are making the plans. I really don’t want someone who maybe a good a friend but makes me want them on a deeper level. If I don’t feel that connection or I’m not attracted to them in any way shape or form then I will walk a way. I mean a good friend of mine still friends but wanted me to really consider them to have a relationship with. At time and still now I really don’t. In a way they want me to even and tells me I should give it a try, but when you really tried and you just don’t have a spark then why force it? You really can’t make someone like you when they told you plenty of times they really don’t. It wouldn’t be fair. The friendship or relationship will be straining all because one person wants the other one to be with them. Person A may feel that person B is selfish because B wants them and only them knowing A isn’t into them. Person B may feel that person A is selfish because they want something or someone else rather than B and feel that they have to convince them one way or another. It happened to me in friendship wise and relationship wise. I was both A and B. I learned that some people will get fed up with you and will tell you off I learned that in 8th grade. To hear someone tell you they felt sorry for you and really they don’t want you to be a friend to them anymore, it can hurt. To know that you in a way force them to be your friend because you don’t want be alone can show you need to grow up and realize life is tough in the big city. To tell someone that you aren’t interested in a intimate relationship with them because you don’t find them attractive both physically and mentally i.e: philosophy, politics, religion, education et al. That too can help cause a riff. My friend still wants me to consider dating them yet we are like yin and yang. They hate politics while I love it and love to talk about what I feel on it while they rather tell me to not to speak of it at all. I like to explore different religions and they rather tell me its all the same different names. If I talk about a country or some place they may not even know what i am talking about because they aren’t interested in it at all. Yet they tell me I have too much of an expectation out of anyone to be compatible with me. But I know what I want and if one doesn’t meet the criteria of course then I do have the right to say no just as it was to me. I did at one point pursue a couple of guys who I really wanted to be in a relationship in both out of high school and in. I was told by mostly all of them I wasn’t their type. I learned people don’t have to be with you or be your friend if they don’t want to be and when it is handed to you the same plate you feel slighted. You feel like they have to because its a humane thing to do but in reality we are human we can choose who we want to be and who to be with. But I learned to just keep moving when someone doesn’t want to be your friend or with you . You may not get what you want until the right person the right friend or the right thing comes to you.