For the last year a “friend” or so, I don’t know what to call him, has been saying he’ll visit me or hang out with me or do something for that matter and hasn’t done anything he promised or said at all. For a whole year. I’m getting quite fed up, one minute he was to be with me next minute he doesn’t call, visit, text, any type of communication he hasn’t done it at all. I feel like I’m the one chasing after him when I really shouldn’t. He never checks out any of my stuff let alone seem to care like he says he does. He seems not to really take anything seriously anymore. Well I’m not taking him seriously anymore. I just don’t know what to do. I wish someone out there would give him a wake up call that I’m ready to walk out of his life completely. It’s like playing musical chairs with my head and heart. He rather spend time with his “friends”, who I don’t even know and never met and we’ve been talking for 2 years too, or spend his weekend alone when he would say we can hang out that weekend. I just wish he would stop acting so flaky and shady, since he always has girls calling him cute and such but heaven forbid I do that on his facebook. *sigh* I just wish I could find someone better….