After much consideration I think I will make my 1st blog here. I have a tumblr by the same address I do believe. Will update later when I can. So please sit back and relax keep your feet and hands inside the car at all times. This is a personal yet public blog about reaching my goals. Goals in areas of life such as buying a car and inheriting another car making two cars in my possession. Getting two diplomas in two trades. Beating the odds of people telling me I will never get it or not believing I’m capable of handling some things or anything. Sharing personal stories on how hard it is when you’re trying to get into a job where its mostly men who are in it and how alot of men think or feel that I can’t do it. My goals in personal stuff like geting a boyfriend X3, making new friends and hopefully start a band. I’m determined to get something out of this life. Rather I get a car of my dreams and work on it and get a great job and maybe owning my business of restoring cars and reparing them or landing a good job in construction or and having a band wether its a small town band or maybe make it big I’m determined to relearn my guitar!. I’m determined to be able to handle things on my own tor the most part. This blog will be my adventures through my days and hopefully years. So thanks in advance to anyone who follows me here and on my tumblr. My tumblr is more about well tumblring lol. While here will be more personal and more about my rants and worries and good stuff and sometimes random things. SO enjoy!